Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Step by Step Guide to Paint Your Walls, Ceiling, Kitchen and Bathrooms

For those who are reading this article about how to select the right paint finish types, you are welcome because you are among those rare groups of people who think interior painting is an art.
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This step by step guide would help you in choosing the right interior paint finish types and will give you clear idea about which paint to high gloss finish use for bathroom, ceiling, kitchen or bedroom wall.
Flat and Matt Finish is Excellent for Ceilings:
People who love to decorate their ceiling with a little unique paint may choose flat paint finishes. Flat finish is great for ceiling. In reality, most ceilings are not truly flat and hence, it causes streaking on ceiling which is easily noticeable. For those who don’t have a truly flat ceiling can add a bit of sheen to the paint, which gives brilliant result. Another important thing is to use something easily washable on the ceilings, for e.g. eggshell or matt finish fit the best for ceilings that need regular cleaning.
Eggshell and Satin Finish is the Best for Woodwork:
Eggshell sheen is mostly used for interior walls, kitchen and bathrooms. Since it has an angular sheen level, you can get a good washable surface. On the other hand, satin finish is great for using on woodwork like trim, windows, and doors. Satin finish in latex or oil base is mostly used in upper class houses. Semi gloss paints can also be used in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and woodwork. But the use of semi gloss paint finish as interior paint finish types is little backdated nowadays.
Painting Front rooms or Entryways:
High gloss finish is ideal for front entryways. Your home will look fancy if you have large white front entryways with well painted side windows all encased with eggshell sheen. Most of the time, front rooms of entryways look better if you use alkyd or oil base formula.
This is all about how to select the right paint finish. You can follow these rules while choosing the right interior paint finish types. This is about all there is to the interior painting for sheen levels other than for exterior painting. For outside painting you can use a little low luster finish.
An important warning: the sheen level provided by the manufacturers and even the lines from the same manufacturer may differ. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing the right paint finish types.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

4 Effective Interior painting Tips and Techniques You Should Consider

A large number of homeowners spend thousands of dollars in order to bring out the best interior design. However, with the tough economic scenario in home interior painting market in US, it is bit difficult to find out a good interior paint & coatings service provider that can provide homeowners with a cost-effective solution. The good thing is, with proper ideas and techniques, even with less, one can make an excellent Interior Painting Tips impact in home interior paints.

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It is true that interior painting is one of the most expensive projects that homeowners can undertake. However, with these interior painting tips & techniques this could be easier. It is important to follow these tips to ensure high quality results.

Selection of Right Color:

With the wide collection of paints, the process of selecting the color for your home interior is the most important thing. A simple mistake in color selection may lead to a big disorder in whole interior design. Since psychology plays an important role in terms of interior paint color ideas, you need to pick one that would reflect the true ambiance that you want the room to felicitate with.

Choose Paint Finish Wisely:

The selection of the best paint finish can enhance the end result of your home interior paint project. A proper selection of paint finish not only increases the uniqueness in feel but can also add excellence of the look. Apart from the aesthetic part, good paint finish also increases various levels of resistance to the home interior. It takes care of the stains and spills of your home interior and helps in cleaning as well.

Paint Product:

Selecting a quality paint product can change the entire atmosphere of your home interior. Of course, the painting contractor would provide you with a good insight of all available paint products, but it is essential to do your own research before selecting a particular one.

Painting Techniques:

Perhaps the most important of an interior painting project is the technique you use. With a good painting technique, your home wall and d├ęcor can become an entire masterpiece. There are plenty of choices when you want to adopt a particular painting technique, but the preparation of your home wall and hundreds of other things matter the most when it comes to select the right painting technique.

It is true that interior paint & coatings idea may vary from brand to brand, however if you have these interior painting tips & techniques handy, you will be able to complete the whole project in a grand manner.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Know More About Paint Selection

Normally, paint can be found in many types, sheens, grades of quality, brands made by different manufacturers and purposes. When you want to do some painting, you’ll have to consider the surface to be painted whether it’s a sunroom, kitchen, living room or even the ceiling. Paint can be largely classified as interior and exterior paint. Within each of these categories, you’ll find water-based and oil-based paints of which both of them gives out different levels of sheen. Each one of these paint types comes with almost any color. What you’re going to paint determines the Latex Based Painttype and quality of paint you’ll go for.
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Typically, there’re various factors involved in choosing paint.
Selecting the Right Paint
Choosing the right paint means that you’ll have to know the color, sheen, adhesiveness and the type of paint (oil-based or water-based). The color covers and hides the surface and it’s usually born of various pigments such as titanium oxide, zinc oxide, umber and sienna. A paint should be able to stick to a surface while maintaining a uniform appearance. Water-based paints are referred as latex paints because latex is the binder (plastic, either vinyl, acrylic or a combination of both) used. The binder gives the paint the sticking powder and joints the pigment particles. In oil-based paints the binder is an alkyd (synthetic resin) or natural oil.
Do All Paints Suit Exterior and Exterior?
The type of finish you want and the purpose of the room to be painted determines the type of paint to be chosen. Most interior paints are formulated to provide good hiding ability, easy touch-up, good coverage, excellent stain resistance and splatter resistance. Interior grade paint shouldn’t be used on a surface exposed to weather elements. You need to use exterior grade paint when the surface to be painted is exposed to temperature and moisture changes. Both of these grades of paint can be either alkyds or latex based paints.
Ultimate Paint Choice
What’s the ultimate paint choice for interior/exterior? You can get your answer on painting 101: oil or latex? Latex paints have the longest-lasting finish with great gloss retention ability. Latex paints dry quickly and can clean up easily with soap and water. Alkyd paint takes longer to dry meaning that it gets more time to flatten out and thus it will be able to hide brush marks. Even though it has a strong odor, oil based paints are durable and you can use it on woodwork, primed walls and already-painted surfaces. To clean up this paint, you’ll have to use turpentine or mineral spirits.
So, when choosing latex based paint over oil based paint, consider the surface to be painted and durability. Many people would choose latex based paint because it cleans up quickly and dries faster meaning you can even apply two coats in a day. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Tips when Choosing Exterior and Interior Painting Finish for Your House

Choosing the right paint finish for your home or office makes it to look outstanding. It is how you paint your house that gives it the final impression and how people will fell about it. Your house can look beautiful or ugly depending on the choice of paint finish that you will use on it. Choosing the right interior paint finish gives your house a warmly theme that makes it beautiful and lively.

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How to go about it?

It is important to take time and research on the right paint finish that will give your house a good look. Many home owners select paints to use when painting their houses depending on their color tastes, thereby ignoring some basic painting tips. It is therefore important to consult a painting expert on how to select the right paint finish for your house. It is worth noting that some exterior and interior walls such as those of a stucco home requires more attention when painting in order to have a high gloss finish.

The following are the key factors to consider when choosing right painting finish for your house.

1. Ensure your have chosen the right color for every room. Paint finish types vary from one room to another when painting the interior of your Paint Finish Typeshouse. Living room, kitchen and bedrooms require different paint finish in order to look good. It is therefore important to consult painting experts so that they can advise you on the right colors to use when painting different rooms in your house.

2. Always choose the right type of paint. After choosing the right color paint finish for your house, it is important to ensure that you have chosen the right paint too. Different surfaces require different paints in order to have good results. For instance, choosing the right paint finish for a stucco home will give it an outstanding look than when painted with an ordinary paint. Additionally, interior painting requires a different paint finish from exterior painting.

3. Always use quality paint. Cheap and low quality paints are not lasting and will only give your house a bad appearance than before painting it. It is therefore advisable to ensure that you have used quality paint fish on your exterior and interior ways. You can consult painting experts on the best type of paint to use for your exterior and interior finish. Quality paints give high quality paint gloss.

4. Allow professional painters to do it for you. It is always advisable to allow painting experts to help you in choosing the right interior and exterior paint finish. That way, you will be sure that you will get the best paint finish for your house.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Tips and Techniques for Painting a Stucco Home

The main objective of every painting company is to give their customers the best painting services. Satisfied customers bring more business to painting companies. However, it is quite challenging to painting companies when it comes to painting special interior walls such as those of a stucco home. This means that painters need to be more careful in order to give good results. Painters need to know the gray shades that a stucco Interior Painting Tipswall should have in order to look outstanding after painting. Therefore there are several interior painting tips and techniques that painting companies should use in order impress customers with stucco homes.

What is unique with Stucco homes?

It is worth noting that Stucco homes have special exterior and interior walls. The walls are coated with Stucco that is applied when wet and left to dry, giving the walls a beautiful appearance. In most cases Stucco is used to decorate exterior walls where construction materials that are visually unappealing need to be covered. Stucco is normally durable and attractive making it suitable for covering exterior walls in places with unfriendly weather conditions. However, painting stucco homes is not an easy task and it requires skilled painters and use of recommended exterior and interior paints and coatings.

Tips and techniques when painting stucco homes

1. Adequate skills and experience. Stucco homes have special walls and painting companies need to assign painters who have adequate skills and experience in painting Stucco walls. It is worth noting that not all painters are qualified to paint stucco walls.

2. Use quality and recommended paint. Stucco walls require special paint in order to look outstanding. Painting companies should therefore research for exterior and Interior Paint Color Ideas in order to ensure that they have used the best paint when painting stucco homes.

3. Apply the paint correctly. Stucco exterior and interior walls are quite sensitive and painters need to apply paint correctly when painting them. Painters need to determine the correct paint application method to use and the number of shades to make in order to have good results.

4. Always ensure that Stucco walls have cured for at least 30 days to avoid damaging the wall when painting. This also ensures that walls are dry enough to be painted.

5. Clean the stucco wall and let is dry completely before painting. Most of the home interior paints give good results when surfaces to be painted are free from dirt. Cleaning stucco floors prevent formation of unwanted shades when painting.

Following the above exterior and interior painting tips and techniques makes painting stucco homes easy and economical to painting companies. Customers get good results thereby bringing more business to painting companies.