Saturday, 18 April 2015

Room Painting Ideas for your Home that Mesmerize Your Kids

When your kids attend a new school, they go through a new beginning of their life. Why not celebrating this new beginning with new paint ideas for your kid’s favorite room? With just the right hue, your kids won’t lose his/her sleep and will make fun in life.

Literally, room painting is the best idea to cherish the milestone when your kid grows from play school to junior high school. The key idea of child’s room renovation should be based on a foundation that is flexible enough to fit your child’s mind. The following room painting ideas for Choose the Right Color your child’s home will help you transform your kid’s personal space easily in no time.

Try to Mark the Expectation:

Your aim will be to create a room where you and your child will be happy. The room color should grab the attention for both of you. You need to determine the room’s functionality by clarifying what activities are going to take place right in your kid’s room. Determining the expectation is important since this will dictate whether your kid’s room paints need to restful and playful. The room color should match the atmosphere of your kid’s sleep, study, and fun.

You should consider few elements while designing house & interior painting ideas for your kids. For example: whether your child’s room includes a play area, is their enough space to accommodate a writing desk, lighting, computer etc., what paint should be used for the bookshelves.

Right Paint Color:

Choosing the right color is important when it comes to paint your kid’s bedroom. One common rule is to forget pink for girls and blue for boys. Instead, you can use dynamic color palette for your kid’s room. Color palettes are ideal in adapting to any changing tastes as well as styles without compromising your budget. You can easily use color palette to adapt your home to your kid’s bedroom ideas as they grow and change.

Use Softer Color Tones for Girl’s Room:

Softer color tones, such as lemon, orange etc, are good to use for a girl’s room since they more childlike that any other paints. These types of color themes also support to childish funk by swapping out accessories. At the same time, decorative footboard and castle mural will surely work as an interesting element of your kid’s bedroom. High quality and super functional furnishing are also important to begin complement your child’s new house & interior painting ideas.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

How to Choose the Right Color Palette for Your House Interior?

After inspecting all ways to work through paint color themes as well as how to look after color inspiration all around the web, this blog is ready to find out the most important part, possibly the most challenging of all, how to choose the right palette for whole interior.

If selecting a single color theme for a room is tricky, then how on the earth you will choose color palette for whole interior? How can you know Choose the Right Colorthat everything will fit together well? Who will tell you where to start from?

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” ~ Richard Branson

Read below as we are trying to navigate the process of choosing right color palette for the entire house interior.

Know the Visible Part of your house:

You need to peep throughout your house and know which portion can be seen from each room. You can make a floor plan in order to keep a note of the entire design pattern of your house. Generally, all the adjoining rooms fall under this inspection part, but you can even see a quite a bit farther, for e.g. you can check into your down hall or your kitchen. Remember, the entire color plan of your house interior will be based on these note, so you always need to keep them handy.

Start with Selecting Color for the Center Location:

You need to select the color for the centrally located room first. No matter it is your living room or your kitchen, the center location is always the great place to start choosing color palette. For those who take the job of choosing color palette a bit tricky, choose a little lighter or neutral color for the central rooms. This will help you choose other colors easily. And honestly speaking, you can never go wrong with soft color scheme at the center.

Keep the Combination of Palette Relevant to the Theme:

One quick trick is to keep the palette with the shades of the same hue of adjacent rooms as well as walls. May be you can choose the hue from the nearby color chip, but try to keep the next color on the same color chip, or you can at least mix the same color at the paint store. You can give it little lighter look by adding white.

Use Separate Spaces for Upstairs and Downstairs:

If you can make a clear separation between the floor colors, then it is imperative that you make create a different look in the upstairs vs. downstairs game. In addition, you need to take a note on one floor at a time so that the whole task becomes easily manageable.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to Paint Your House’s Exterior like a Pro?

What could be the motto when you are trying to paint your House’s exterior – kill or be killed. To be more perfect and stunning should be the thoughts running through an individual’s mind before and during an exterior home painting project. Basically, house painting projects are one of those home renovation projects that you cannot take lightly.
This is the reason you need to adapt a steady and straight mentality, all the while keeping your sanity intact and still putting all the things in How to Paint Your House's Exterior right track.
Consider Each Side of the House as an Individual Project Itself:
You should think to paint the entire house at a time; instead you need to take each part of the house as an individual project itself. This gives you a chance to look deep through the Do’s and don’ts of an exterior home painting project.
Complete all Hard and Relatively Boring Parts First:
Hard and boring parts like under the eaves and uneven sides are the parts that you need to do first. People generally tend to do the easier things first. But it might put you in trouble psychologically if you complete all the fun parts first since this would give you an idea that you have finished the basic tasks. Then when you will move to the hard and boring parts areas, it feels like double as much work. Hence, complete all these under-the-eaves types side at the very first moment when you take the exterior home painting project.
Avoid Satin Paint Finishes:
You should also take care about choosing the exterior paint color schemes. Generally, people face a tough situation in choosing between flat or satin paint finish types, since both of them have advantages. Although satin finishes are easier to clean, it can give you trouble in the long run. Whereas, flat paint finishes are that you can pick up again on painting at any time during the painting project even you take a break. This would never show any overlapping seams.
Paint Brushes or Sprayers:
How to Paint Your House’s Exterior? Will you use a brush or a paint sprayer? Since many different cheap paint sprayers are available on the market, home owners have a wrong impression that spraying the house will be faster than brushing. What everyone doesn’t know is that paint spraying needs an incredible amount of preparations and you need to mask every little inches of your exterior wall that not to be painted.